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Hi, I'm Bill, but I also answer to "Widget" (a corruption of my initials) and "Vilĉjo" (the Esperanto for "Bill"). Before retiring, I was a Chartered Engineer who by day worked in an Information Systems department in a big UK telecommunications company. (If you have seen Scott Adams' Dilbert cartoons then you'll have a pretty good idea of my working life!)

My hobbies are an interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy (especially Star Trek and Discworld), Esperanto (parolata ĉi tie), gardening and DIY. I also used to do a little recreational coding, and have posted some programs to download.

Here are two pictures of me ... one is more recent than the other...
Bill in 2017 Bill in circa 1963

Links to:
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Bill's Esperanto Page,
Bill's Star Trek Page,
Phone Boxes of the World,
How to make a five-pointed star from folded paper,
Percy B. Walker (my uncle),
Travel & garden photo albums
[Ligo al: Esperantaj Paĝoj de Vilĉjo (en Unikodo )]

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