Phone Boxes of the World

The British Post Office formal name for these was unattended public call offices, but they're also known as phone boxes, phone booths and telephone kiosks. Here are pictures of some of the phone boxes that I have visited on my travels. (It is getting increasingly more difficult to find a phone box in some towns and cities, and in some places I've only been able to find a payphone, without a booth of its own.)

Antwerp, Belgium [62 KB]
Belfast, Northern Ireland [86 KB]
Benicassim, Spain [61 KB]
Boulogne, France [14 KB]
Brussles, Belgium [31 KB]
Bilaystok, Poland [60 KB]
Calais, France [8 KB]
Copenhagen, Denmark [135 KB]
Edinburgh, Scotland [130 KB]
Florence, Italy [109 KB]
Glasgow, Scotland [155 KB]
Gothenberg, Sweden [46 KB]
Halle, Germany [83 KB]
Kaunas, Lithuania [76 KB]
Keflavik, Iceland [342 KB]
Lille, France [746 KB]
London, England (Marble Arch) [19 KB]
London, England (BT Archives, Holborn) [200 KB]
Los Angeles, USA (Universal Studios' "London Street" set) [83 KB]
Leuven, Belgium [31 KB]
Marseillan, France [60 KB]
Martlesham, England (BT Research Labs phonebox graveyard) [12 KB]
Newcastle, England [352 KB]
Paris, France [92 KB]
Perth, Scotland [113 KB]
Portrush, Northern Ireland [88 KB]
Prague, Czech Republic [76 KB]
Reykavik, Iceland [529 KB]
Rotterdam, Netherlands [40 KB]
Tampere, Finland [93 KB]
Vik, Iceland [515 KB]
Vilnius, Lithuania [96 KB]
Volendam, Netherlands [50 KB]

You can read a description of early British Post Office kiosks.

Other sites of interest:
Connected Earth is a site sponsored by BT (successor to the British Post Office) so is a pretty authoritative source. red telephone boxes is a photo-sharing/geo-tagging site with pictures of red (Gilbert Scott) phoneboxes (some in unusual locations).
Broken link (Ian McPherson's Kiosk Korner) used to have links to many other phonebox sites, but this site itself seems to have disappeared.

Book: The British Phonebox by Nigel Linge, Andy Sutton
The history and evolution of the humble British phonebox through all of its major models, including those that were introduced by organisations such as the emergency services, those that have been given a new lease of life as something completely different, and the exciting new designs that are intended to extend the life of the phonebox well into the twenty-first century. ISBN 9781445663081, published Feb 2017 by Amberly Publishing

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Date Posted: Jun 2018