How to make a folded paper star

The steps

1. Print off the template.

2. Cut along the (5) black lines with a craft knife or scissors.

3. Score/crease along the (25) grey lines. It helps to put the printed sheet of paper on a slightly soft pad, e.g. a sheet of cardboard or a wad of paper. Your scoring tool should be pointed enough to crease the line, but not so sharp that it cuts the paper. I used the edge of a screwdriver. To check you haven't missed any lines, turn the paper over and look at the underside.

4. Fold the (15) solid grey lines inwards to make a furrow/valley.

5. Fold the (10) dashed grey lines outwards to make a ridge/crest.

6. Fold the (5) sides of the inner pentagon upwards to make a sort of cup.

7. Pinch/squeese each arm (5) to make a sort of crown.

8. (This is the tricky bit!) Push/tuck the (5) arms together into the middle, twist them anticlockwise (so that each arm tucks under its neighbour), and flatten.

9. Turn the star over and flatten. You now have a "fat" star where each arm is wider on one side. For four of the five arms, fold the wider side in half.

10. Before folding the fifth (i.e. final) arm in half, lift the flap of the first arm. Fold the fifth arm in half, and tuck it under then fold back the flap of the first arm. Finally, flatten both sides of your star.

That's it! And you don't have to stop after making just one...

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Author: wgtwalker at
Date Posted: Dec 2020