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Star Trek Companions

Inspired by Larry Nemecek's excellent book The Star Trek Next Generation Companion episode guide (Pocket Books, ISBN 0-671-88340-2), I have assembled some press release and video box blurb information to produce similar guides to Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Enterprise. The DS9 guide highlights the Ferengi Laws of Aquisition as they occur, and both the DS9 and Voy guides highlight references to the number Forty Seven.

Warning: Here be spoilers! Although each episode summary is carefully vetted and doesn't give away the outcome of that episode, later summaries might inadvertently reveal the outcomes of earlier episodes.

The downloads each comprise a set of zipped Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) files which, when printed double-sided, form similar format Companion books (although without pictures). To download a free Acrobat Reader visit Adobe's website.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Episode Guide [389 KB] (last revised October 2000)

Star Trek Voyager Episode Guide [384 KB] (last revised March 2002)

Star Trek Enterprise Episode Guide [114 KB] (last revised November 2018)

Useful Links

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The Number 47 : a guide to that number in Star Trek

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Date Posted: November 2018